Salient Features:

  • In-Depth Practice from all chapters in:
  • Word Building (Prose, Poetry and Supplementary)
  • One word for/idioms and pharases
  • Fill in the blanks – articles, conjunctions, prepositions, verbs
  • Rearrange words and phrases into proper sentences – Jumbled Sentences
  • Textual Questions (Prose, Poetry and supplementary)
  • Figures of speech – with multiple choice questions
  • Prose and poem comprehension with multiple choice questions
  • Transformation of sentences
    voice, complex, compound,simple, degree, no sooner, hardly, as soon as, affitmative, negative, exclamatory, assertive, remove too, use too, unless, if, interrogative, question tag.
  • Textual Activities
  • Indirect speech
    punctuate the sentences
    unseen prose, poem comprehension
    writing skills – essay, story, report, dairy, e-mail, letters, notice, advertisements and dialog writing
    Practice papers based on the paper style given by the board.