Salient Features:

In depth practice from all units in :

  • Summary
  • Ward building (Prose ,Poetry and Supplementary
  • Idioms and phrases-Multipal Choice Question
  • Figures of speech -Poem Section and Multipal Choice Qustion
  • Grammer-Editing,fill in the blank and appropriate options-Articals Preposition and conjunctions punctuate the sentences,indirect speech
  • ¬†Transformation of sentences/ do as directed
  • Textual-Extract Comprehension with Multipal Choice Questions,fill in the blank,Multipal Choice Questions and true or false.
  • Poem-Extract Comprehension
  • ¬†Answers ( prose, poetry and supplementary)
  • Answers Activities
  • Unseen prose and poetry Comprehension
  • Writing skill-Essays,Story writing,Message,notice,Diary,letter and Email writing
  • Grammer Rules.