We are an organisation dedicated to improving the English learning skills of students and providing them a platform for better progress. We have simplified the ever- increasing problems that dodge students where grammar is concerned and have logically given them enough practice for every standard so that they have a command over the language and are able to use it with confidence.

Our team has understood the need of the hour for students studying English at school. In this competitive world the art of English writing is a must and we have endeavoured at instilling confidence in students. Our books are a support for teachers also.

Our books are not so much the clichéd guides but are most of reference books.

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  • Grammar is no longer a dry subject. Practice makes perfect.
  • Build an excellent vocabulary- learn synonyms, antonyms, nouns, adjectives and verbs also learn to fill the appropriate form of the word in the blank in `Do as Directed’.
  • Transformation of Sentences:
  • Voice, Complex, Compound, Simple, Degree, Interrogative, Question Tag, Exclamatory, Assertive, Affirmative, Negative, Use If/Unless, Use `too’ or remove `too’, Use of No sooner, Hardly and As soon as
  • Synthesis – combining different sentences into a single sentence. This helps to learn to speak English well and master the art of communicating well.
  • Indirect Speech or reported speech.
  • Multiple Choice Questions helps the students comprehend the chapters of the text books and able to match the right choices.
  • Idiomatic usage in the lessons is explained with multiple choices.
  • Chapter wise textual exercises and answers are given for students to work on them and use their own language to produce the same.
  • We intend to bring out more books in the future so that we can encompass the students of all standards and be a true companion for them.